Duplicate Calendar Entries Displaying


My Blackboard course shows duplicate Calendar entries in the course Calendar.


A course copy was ran on the course multiple times.


The instructor will need to manually remove duplicate assignment/assessment entries in the Full Grade Center of Blackboard:

  1. Select the course that has duplicate calendar entries.
  2. Expand the Grade Center.
  3. Select Full Grade Center.
  4. Locate the duplicate column.
  5. Click  (chevron) next to the title of the duplicate column.
  6. Select Delete Column.

Note: If there is no Delete Column option then this indicates this grade center column is tied to an item in Blackboard. Locate the other duplicate of this column and delete it. If no other duplicate is shown, it is hidden from the Grade Center. Reference the related article Missing Grade Center Columns for assistance to show the column and delete it.


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Tue 9/1/15 9:25 AM
Fri 2/19/21 10:02 AM