Removing Home Screen Image from Camera Feed


In an IVS room, how do I remove a Home screen image that is appearing over the camera feed on the computer?


  • Computer in IVS room with an AV Bridge


Once you have selected the camera on the PC as AV Bridge, and started the camera with the desktop conferencing software (such as Adobe Connect), if there is an image over the camera view, you need to remove the Home Screen overlay.  To do this, you will need to use the Polycom remote.   

  1. On the remote, click the Home button.
    Note: A box area with large icons for microphone and room name may now appear at the bottom of the screen, but should disappear after a few seconds.
  2. If the grey box in the bottom of image does not disappear after a few seconds, click the Display button twice.
    Note: You may still have two smaller icons labeled Far and Near.  These cannot be removed from the image.

If you need further assistance, please contact the AVS Support Center at 270-745-3809.


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