Layouts for IVS Video Conferencing


What are my options for layouts with IVS (Interactive Video Services) Video Conferencing?


  • IVS Classrooms and Conference Rooms connecting to three or more sites.


There are three options for conferencing layouts:

  1. Lecture Mode - Conferences that are lecture based may benefit by requesting Lecture Mode. In Lecture Mode, one site is designated as the lecture site. This location will see themselves on one screen (for reference) and a rotation of all connecting sites on the other screen. For the connecting sites, one screen will show the lecture site and the other screen will show themselves (for reference). All sites hear the other sites but only the lecture site will see the connecting sites.
  2. Non-Lecture Mode - Conferences that are discussion based may benefit by requesting Non-Lecture Mode. In Non-Lecture Mode, all sites see the same video content (No designated lecture site). Sites will see themselves on one screen (for reference) and the other screen will show the site currently speaking. As each site is speaking, the video switches between them. If no site is speaking the video stays on the last speaking site. All sites hear and see the other connecting sites.
  3. Continuous Presence - Conferences that require all sites to be seen simultaneously my benefit by requesting Continuous Presence. In Continuous Presence, all sites see the other connecting sites on one screen split into boxes (see images labeled Continuous Presence) while the other screen shows themselves (for reference). All sites hear and see the connecting sites simultaneously. There are multiple layouts available.

 Note: Please contact the Audiovisual Services Support Center at 270-745-3809 for questions regarding conference layouts in IVS Classrooms and Conference Rooms.


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