Capturing a Portion of the Screen


Can I capture video in Mediasite without having to show my entire screen?


Mediasite Desktop Recorder offers an Capture Freeform Region option when setting up your recording. This feature can be useful when trying to record only a segment of your screen. For example, if you wish to make a recording of a Flash video you have created, but do not want the recording to show your entire web browser.


  1. Ensure you meet the Mediasite viewing requirements.
  2. Begin the Mediasite recording setup process as normal.
  3. When the Desktop Recorder gets to section 3, Capture Area, select Region.
  4. Select Capture Freeform Region from the dropdown menu.
  5. This will dim the screen. Click a corner to begin the region selection and drag the mouse to the end-point.
  6. Continue through the setup process.
  7. Click and drag to move.
     Note: Make sure your computer volume is turned up to where your microphone can capture the necessary audio, as Mediasite by default does not have an option to capture audio directly from a computer.


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