Converting Video Format (Movie Maker)


How do I convert a video I recorded to another format using Windows Live Movie Maker?


  • Windows 7+
    • Windows Live Move Maker


Some cameras output video formats that are not compatible with certain players or web applications.


 Note: This article is provided only for your convenience. The WKU ITS Service Desk does not support video conversions.

  1. Open the Windows Live Movie Maker program from your Start Menu.
  2. Click Add videos and photos on the ribbon, and then select the video file you would like to convert. It may take a moment to import the video.
  3. Click the Menu button in the top-left corner.
  4. Click Save Movie and then select a desired output type. If the movie will be used on a computer, you may choose the For a computer option.
  5. Name the output file. Then choose the desired file format from the Save as type dropdown box.
  6. Click Save. It may take a while for the video to save, depending on how long it is.


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