Accessing Digital Measures


How do I access Digital Measures?



Only Gordon Ford College of Business (GFCB) faculty (or GAs teaching in GFCB) have access to this system. All other faculty and students no longer have access to Digital Measures.

As of May 1, 2018, Digital Measures is no longer accessible by students. WKU is no longer contracting the use of the Student Engagement Activities Transcript portion of Digital Measures, and any existing student access will be removed in the future. Faculty and staff of WKU have been notified of this change with Digital Measures. In April 2018, an email was sent to all WKU Faculty members informing them of this change and encouraging everyone to run any reports for data that may have been needed. At the time our University contract concluded with Digital Measures, general access was shut off for everyone except those in the Business College, as they have decided to continue contracting with them. At this time, the only Faculty and Staff with access to Digital Measures are those associated with the Business College. If you are still being asked to use this service for any course work, we recommend having your instructor contact the ITS Service Desk

  1. Go to Digital Measures and use your NetID and password to login.
  2. If you cannot log in, please contact the ITS Service Desk.


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