Keylogger Information


I have discovered I had a keylogger installed on my computer. What should I do now?


Keylogging, or keystroke logging, is the action of recording which keys are typed on a keyboard. This software is typically a form of malware as the keystrokes will be sent covertly to a cyber attacker. The attacker can then use these keystrokes to find any usernames and passwords you may have typed into the computer.


If you suspect you have a keylogger on your machine, take the following steps to properly secure your computer and online accounts.

  1. Remove the keylogger. This process should be completed by a computer technician and can lead to operating system instability if not done properly.
  • Currently enrolled WKU Students
    • Bring your computer to TopperTech. See related article Dropping of Computer to be Serviced and TopperTech Information.
  • Faculty/Staff
    • Bring your WKU-owned computer to the TSS Service Windows for Endpoint Support to look at the machine or submit an online service request.‚Äč See related article Dropping of Computer to be Serviced.
  1. Reset account passwords. Any account that was access via the infected computer may be affected. Passwords to these accounts should be changed immediately.


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