Saving Camtasia Projects on Classroom & Lab Computers


A new project is lost when I save a new project on a flash drive from a classroom or lab computer.


  • WKU-Owned computer with DeepFreeze installed


Deepfreeze is a program that restores the computer's operating system back to default settings once the computer restarts and is used on WKU classroom and lab computers.  When saving a document in Camtasia on a computer in deep freeze, part of the file is saved on the flash drive, while the other is defaulting to My Documents.  Once the computer shuts down, the file is set back to default settings.


If a project isn’t complete & needs editing in Camtasia, a .tscproj file is required.  In this case do the following:

Create a Camtasia Windows Archive or Backup Project

Use the Export Project as Zip option to create a zip file to transfer a project to a new location, save a backup copy of the project files, or to send the project file for collaboration.

Moving or deleting original files (for example, on a hard drive or network) that are in a video project can break that project. Before moving or deleting any files, open your video projects and export them as a Camtasia zipped project file.

Be sure to select the Include all files from the Media Bin in zip option. This creates a self-contained project with backed up Media Bin files.

To Create a Zipped Project

  1. In Camtasia, select File > Export As Zip. The Export Project as Zip dialog box opens.
  2. Choose a new name for the file, if desired.
  3. Click Browse to select a location.
  4. Enable the Include all files from Media Bin in zip option to include a copy of all media files in the Media Bin within the zip file. If this option is not enabled, only the media on the timeline will be included in the zip file.
  5. Click OK.

To Import a Zipped Project

  1. In Camtasia, select File > Import Zipped Project.
  2. If you receive a warning notice about incompatible media in the project, click OK/Continue to open the project.

Completed Projects

Once the project is ready to produce, in the top left navigation bar, select Share > Local Files. A series of prompts will appear.  Select the following for each:

  • Custom production settings
  • MP4 - Smart Player (HTML 5)
  • Smart Player Options > Next
  • Video Options > Next
  • Marker Options > Next
  • Produce Video
    - Production Name > create new file/folder name if you prefer a different name that appears
    - Folder > click on the folder icon to the R of box > select Personal (P:) Drive
    - FINISH


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