Uploading an ID Card Swiper Report to Share


How do I upload a card swiper report to share with others at WKU?


  • Windows 10
    • Mini DX3
    • Mini Serial SoftTools


WKU ITS does not support card swipers. If you have issues with an older Mini 600 ID Card Swiper we recommend purchasing a newer Mini DX3 ID Card Swiper. For additional support, please contact the device manufacturer here.
  1. Plug in your Mini DX3 card swiper into your computer.
  2. Open Mini Serial SoftTools.
  3. Click Upload to load the card swipe data into the software.
  4. Click Save to save a .txt file of the card swipes and save it to your computer.
  5. Sign in here with your NetID and NetID password.
  6. Select the type of event you are uploading.
  7. Enter in the activity info.
  8. Upload the .txt file.
  9. Others can now login to the same website and see the card swiper data.


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