Accessing Lab Computers Remotely


Can I access WKU lab computers remotely?


Before connecting to the remote labs, you must have a software program on your computer that can connect. If you have a Windows computer, this functionality is built in. If you have a Mac, you will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application here before continuing on.
This functionality is not available currently for Chromebooks.
This is a beta program and is not a production system supported by the ITS Unit. Please contact your instructor for front line support with questions or problems with this system.
Users wishing to use the remote computer labs must have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed and configured to work with their WKU email account. For instructions on enabling this, please see this article
If you are an instructor needing to report a problem with the remote labs please submit this service request.
  1. Navigate here using the Firefox web browser.
    Note: This system is not supported on alternate browsers. 
  2. Log in using your WKU email address and NetID password. 
  3. Select your lab from the Pool Name category. 
  4. Click Make My Reservation
  5. Click Connect to Remote Lab
    Note: You may be asked what to do with a download file. Open this file in your computer's remote desktop application. 
  6. Log into the computer by using your WKU email address and NetID password.
  7. Authenticate your login by using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android or iOS device. 
    Note: If you need to reset your multi-factor authentication please contact the ITS Service Desk or have your professor submit this service request.
    Note: You may be asked to accept a security certificate. Allow this security certificate to be used on the computer. 
  8. You may use the lab computer as you normally would. Please make sure to sign out when you are done using the computer. 
  9. Ensure that when you are done using the computer you return to the Remote Lab web page and select Clear My Reservation so that other students can use that computer if needed. 
    Note: You may need to log out of the web page and back in to clear your reservation and/or make a new reservation. 
  10. Should you encounter any problems please reach out to the instructor of your course


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