Enroll a WKU-Owned Apple Device in Mosyle MDM


How do I manually enroll a WKU-Owned Apple device in the Mosyle Business device management system?


  • WKU-Owned
    • Apple devices


Mosyle Business is a device management solution that WKU ITS employs to remotely manage all Apple devices owned by the university. Every Apple device that comes through Technical Support Services is enrolled when it is imaged. However, devices that were imaged before the introduction of Mosyle and are currently in use have not been enrolled. Users can, and should, manually enroll their WKU-owned Apple devices if they are not already managed by Mosyle.


  1. Navigate to WKU's Mosyle enrollment URL.
  2. Follow the prompts to enroll the device.
  3. Once enrolled, profiles will update after the MDM has time to sync changes.


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Wed 3/25/20 12:47 PM
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