Collaborate Recording Links Not Working


The links for Blackboard Collaborate Recordings are not working.


  • Blackboard
    • Collaborate Recordings


New security features for Blackboard Collaborate Recordings can cause links to no longer work. 


The instructor of the course must complete the following actions; there is nothing student-side to resolve this issue. 
  1. Navigate to the Blackboard course in question
  2. Expand the Control Panel in the course. 
  3. Expand Course Tools
  4. Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  5. Click the 3-line menu  in the upper-left of the Collaborate window. 
  6. Click the circle with 3 dots to the far right of the recording in question. 
  7. Choose Recording Settings
  8. Check the box for Allow public access


Article ID: 3650
Thu 9/17/20 1:54 PM