Plugin Reporting Outlook Missing Default Profile


When I attempt to use an application that syncs with Outlook, I get an error:

Setup cannot continue because Outlook isn’t configured to have a default profile.


This error occurs after you install an application and the protocols used for synchronization are not set to Outlook.


  1. Click  (Start).
  2. Select (Settings).
  3. Click Apps.
  4. Select  Default apps.
  5. Select Set defaults by app.
  6. Click Outlook.
  7. Select Manage.
  8. Ensure each file type is associated with Outlook. If any are not, click to the right of the file type and select Outlook from the list.
  9. Click Home.
  10. Click Apps.
  11. Click Microsoft Office.
  12. Select Modify.
  13. If you see How would you like to repair your Office Programs, follow the Click-to-run instructions below. If you see Change your installation, follow the MSI-based instructions below.
    1. Select Online Repair.
    2. Click Repair.
    1. Select Repair.
    2. Click Continue.
  14. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the repair.
  15. After the repair is done, restart your computer, if it does not restart automatically.
  16. Return to the sync application and check that it can now sync with Outlook.


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Mon 9/21/20 10:26 AM
Thu 10/1/20 1:43 PM