i (italic) element used


When I run a Page Check I get the following Known Problem: i (italic) element used.


  • Omni CMS


Omni CMS Final Checks look over all the code on a page and detect accessibility issues that do not meet WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards. It has detected that the page contains an i italics tag. In HTML, the i element can be used to italicize text, but is not handled as well by screen readers as the em (empahsis) element. The WYSIWYG editor uses the em element for italicized text, but your page may have an old i tag from a previous editor or pasting content in from a text editor like Microsoft Word.   


Any i element on your page must be replaced with the em element, by removing formatting and adding italics back using the WYSIWYG editor toolbar.

  1. Check out the page if it is not already.
  2. Click the  Edit tab.
  3. Click the  Edit Button on the content area where the heading is located.
  4. Highlight the italicized text that was identified in the Source Code section of the final check.
  5. In the WYSIWYG toolbar click the  Clear Formatting button to remove the style.
  6. With the text still highlighted, click the  Italics Button the in toolbar to create the correct em element instead.
  7. Save the page.
  8. Click the Publish button to run the accessibility final check again. Repeat the steps as necessary to replace italicized text. When the issue has been resolved it will no longer display in the accessibility check.



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