h1-h6 may be used for formatting


Under the Accessibility Final Checks I receive the Potential Problem: h1-h6 may be used for formatting.


  • Omni CMS


Potential problems are either code that may cause errors or possible errors that cannot be automatically checked and require human review.

Omni CMS Final Checks look over all the code on a page and detect accessibility issues that do not meet WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards. It has detected that the page possibly contains a heading block element being used for something other than a section heading. This can be a result of using the Heading 1 to Heading 6 elements from the Blocks dropdown of the WYSIWYG to increase the size of text.  It can also be caused by blank lines in the WYSIWYG that are not using the paragraph block level.


Headings from the Block dropdown should only be used for section headings or titles. Do not use these to increase the size of text. Instead consider using the lead paragraph style from the styles dropdown on the first paragraph of your page. For larger messages consider using a notification or alert instead.

  1. Check out the page if it is not already.
  2. Click the  Edit tab.
  3. Click the  Edit Button on the content area where the heading is located.
  4. In the WYSIWYG toolbar use the  Show Blocks button.  This will add a dotted border around every block on the site, labeling the corresponding code in the top left. Headings are marked H1 - H6
  5. Identify any H1 - H6 and verify that they are actually headings. If they are not:
    1. Click or highlight the heading
    2. In the block dropdown select paragraph for paragraphs
  6. Save the page.
  7. Click the Publish button to run the accessibility final check again, the page check error may continue to show as potential problems require your review.


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Mon 2/22/21 1:45 PM
Tue 6/15/21 8:10 AM