Title Might Not Describe the Document


Under the Accessibility Final Checks I receive the Potential Problem: title might not describe the document.


  • Omni CMS


Potential problems are either code that may cause errors or possible errors that cannot be automatically checked and require human review.

Omni CMS Final Checks look over all the code on a page and detect accessibility issues that do not meet WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards. It has detected that the title (page property), may not be descriptive enough. 


Check your pages title and verify that it does describe the page well. By default “| Western Kentucky University” is added to the end of all titles as the site name. Your title will display before that. A good title is a simple phrase that describes the purpose of the content on the page. If your title is descriptive and meets this requirement this page check can be disregarded.
  1. Use the steps in Changing the Title of a Page to replace the title with a more descriptive one. 

Page Title Tips:

  • Avoid one- or two-word titles. Use a descriptive phrase, or a term-definition pairing for glossary or reference-style pages.
  • Search engines typically display about the first 55–60 characters of a page title. Text beyond that may be lost, so try not to have titles longer than that. If you must use a longer title, make sure the important parts come earlier and that nothing critical is in the part of the title that is likely to be dropped.
  • Don't use "keyword blobs." If your title is just a list of words, algorithms often reduce your page's position in the search results.
  • Try to make sure your titles are as unique as possible within your own site. Duplicate—or near-duplicate—titles can contribute to inaccurate search results.



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