Requesting Words to Be Added to the Omni CMS Spell Check Dictionary


How do I add words to the Omni CMS dictionary so they do not show in the Spelling Final Check?


  • Omni CMS


The check may detect words in other languages, acronyms, and other false positives. Words may also be spelled correctly, but been split up by code in the WYSIWYG editor.

Note: Spelling Final Check is a tool to aid in catching errors and does not require that all instances be fixed. These should be reviewed for accuracy.


Words must be requested then reviewed by WKU Web Development before being added to the dictionary.

Submit Words to be Added:

  1. Visit the Final Check Best Practices page.
  2. Under the Spelling Check section click the Add to Dictionary button.
    Note: A modal window will appear with a form.
  3. Enter your Email.
  4. Enter the Words to be added, separated by a comma or new line.
  5. Submit the form.


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