Purchasing on Behalf of Someone


How do I purchase software from the WKU Software Center for someone else?


Purchase the Software

  1. Login to WKU Software Center.
  2. Find the software you want to purchase for someone.
  3. Click Add to Cart.
  4. Click  Shopping Cart.
  5. Check I am ordering on behalf of someone else.
  6. Click  Check Out.
  7. Enter the NetID of the person you are purchasing for.
  8. Click  Check Out.
  9. Fill out your contact information.
  10. Click Proceed with Order.

Accessing the Software Download

  1. The person that the software was purchased for should login to WKU Software Center.
  2. Click Your Account/Orders.
  3. Under Order History click the title of the software.
  4. Click Start Download.
  5. Follow the steps provided.


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