Submitting Timesheet for Student Employees


Instructions on submitting webtime as a student employee in TopNet.



I am a student employee with Western Kentucky University. How do I submit my timesheet on TopNet?


This article is provided as courtesy information. WKU ITS does not have any involvement with timekeeping or time records at WKU. All timekeeping and related questions should be taken to WKU Student Employment
  1. Log onto TopNet with your WKUID and PIN or NetID and password.
  2. Click on Employee Services.
  3. Click on Time Sheet.
  4. From the Time Sheet Selection page, select the desired pay period from the drop down box and click the Time Sheet button.
  5. Click a link Enter Hours for the appropriate earnings code and date for which you want to enter time.
  6. The timesheet will reappear with additional information.  Enter your hours in the top area of the window in the gray box marked HOURSNote: Enter the hours worked in the nearest quarter hour such as 4.25, 4.5, 4.75 or 5.0.
  7. Click the Save button or Copy button.
    1. By clicking Save, the hours entered are saved for that date only.
    2. By clicking Copy, you have the option of copying the same hours to other dates.
      1. Check the box ‘Copy from date displayed to end of the pay period’ if you want to copy the same hours from the date displayed for the rest of the pay period. Note: By clicking the check box beside ‘Include Saturday’ or ‘Include Sunday’, those days will be included in the copy.
    3. By clicking Copy, you have the option to click on each of the dates you want to copy to.
    4. Click the Copy button to copy the hours to the time sheet.
  8. Click on the Time Sheet button to return to the Time Sheet Page repeat steps 5-7 for any other earnings codes.  
    1. To get to the other days in the pay period, click the Next or Previous button(s).
    2. To re-initialize the time sheet, which zeroes out all hours entered, click the Restart button.
    3. To see all time entered for the pay period, click the Preview button.  
    4. To enter comments, click the Comments button.
    5. To submit the time sheet for approval, click the Submit for Approval button. 



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