Configuring Remote Assistance


Instructions for setting up iOS devices to be able to share the device's screen with a WKU ITS representative.



How do I share my iOS device's screen with a WKU ITS representative?


  • iOS 11+


  1. Install the iOS BeyondTrust Support App
  2. Open (Settings).
  3. Tap Control Center.
  4. Tap Customize Controls.
  5. Tap Screen Recording to add it to the Control Center.
  6. Open the BeyondTrust app.
  7. For Site Address, enter
  8. For Session Key, enter the code given by the WKU IT representative.
  9. Once connected, the representative will send a request to see your device's screen. Tap Allow.
  10. Open the Control Center.
  11. Tap and hold .
  12. Tap BeyondTrust Support.
  13. Tap Start Broadcast.
  14. The iPad will count down for three seconds and then share your screen with the representative. A red bar will appear at the top of the screen to indicate the screen is being broadcast.
  15. The representative can only observe the screen. They cannot interact with the device/app/settings, but will guide you through accessing the relevant app(s) to configure the device as needed.



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