Phone Service for Remote Employees


Information about WKU ITS phone services for employees working remotely.



What phone service can be provided to WKU employees working remotely?


There are two solutions to provide phone service to WKU employees that are working remotely: a Cisco desk phone or Cisco Mobility.

Cisco Desk Phone

We will provide you with a Cisco desk phone and a Cisco Aironet (wireless router). The Cisco Aironet will provide a network port for your phone and a spare port that will emulate a direct connection on campus. Additionally, the Cisco Aironet can provide WKU-Secure Wi-Fi access if desired. 

Cisco Mobility

Cisco Mobility will forward calls directly to another number of your choice. Typically this is a cell phone. This feature will only forward incoming calls. Outgoing calls cannot be masked as your WKU phone number.

Future Plans

The WKU ITS Communications team is working to implement a softphone feature. A softphone is a phone that runs on your computer or mobile device, rather than requiring a dedicated desk phone. We plan to offer this service by the end of 2020.




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