Sending a Remote Fax


Instructions for sending and using remote fax for WKU MPS printers and devices.



How do I send a remote fax?


  • Windows 10
    • WKU MPS Ricoh Printers


This process will only work for Windows 10 computers. Macs are not supported at this time.
  1. Add the fax in the same manner that you would add a printer. Please see this article for instructions. 
  2. Open the document you wish to fax, such as a Word document or PDF. 
  3. Select File, and then Print, like you would in order to print the document. 
  4. Select the Fax machine that you added in step 1. 
  5. Click Print
  6. Click Specify Destination
  7. In the Fax Number field, enter in the desired destination fax number
    Note: You must enter the number in the same way you would a regular fax. To reach an outside line you must enter 9+ the number for the fax. On campus faxes can use the 5-digit extension of the fax line. 
  8. Click Start



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