Disabling a Participant's Content Share During a Zoom Meeting


Instructions for disabling a participant's content share during a Zoom meeting.



How do I disable a participant's content share during a Zoom meeting?


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As of March 26th 2020, the screen sharing settings within your account have automatically defaulted to Only Host. Learn about re-enabling participant sharing for individual meetings here.

Stopping an Active Screen Share During a Meeting

  1. When the participant’s shared content is showing in the meeting, click View Options at the top of the shared screen.
  2. Click Stop Participant’s Sharing.


Disabling Screen Share Ability During a Meeting

Note:  This is only necessary if you manually re-enabled screen sharing on your account level or for the individual meeting after March 26th, 2020.

  1. Start the Zoom Meeting.
  2. Click Security  in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Make sure Share Screen is unchecked.
  4. If it is checked, click it to disable it.
  5. Participants will be unable to share content for the duration of the meeting. 

​​​​​​​You can learn more about securing your Zoom meeting here.





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