Testing Index.html File


Instructions for testing WKU PeopleSpace index files.



How do I determine if there is a problem with my index.html file?


  • People Server


Typos or accidental characters such as quotation marks or greater or less than symbols often get inserted into web code and cause strange behavior when viewed through a web browser. It can be hard to even know to look for such. By uploading a simple new index.html file, you can verify there are no server problems and that the issue lies with the code itself.


When using the PeopleSpace server at WKU it is imperative that your index file by named precisely index.html in order for the PeopleSpace server to utilize the file. Other file names may not produce working results.
  1. Create a backup of your original index.html file.
  2. Create a new index.html file with the following code only:

    <!doctype html>
            <meta charset="utf-8">
            <title>Test File</title>

            This is a test file!  If you can see this, your index.html is working!

  3. Upload the newly created index.html file.
  4. Browse to your URL
  5. if you see the message This is a test file!  If you can see this, your index.html is working. and no other errors or characters, you know the problem lies in the code of your original file.  



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