Links Must Have Discernible Text


Instructions to fix the accessibility final check serious problem: links must have discernible text.



Under the Accessibility Final Checks, I receive the Serious Problem: 

Links must have discernible text


  • Omni CMS


Likely problems need to be reviewed by a user to determine if it's actually a problem or not.

Omni CMS Final Checks evaluate all code on a page and detect accessibility issues not meeting WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards. 

It detected the page contains a link with no text, or text that is too generic such as Click Here or More. Inaccessible link elements pose barriers to accessibility, as they are a fundamental component of a website.

Like sighted users, screen reader users need to know where a link is pointing. Inner link text provides this information, though it won't get used if a screen reader can't access it.


Check your page for any links with generic text such as Click Here, Read More, Learn More, or linking the text here or more. If you do not spot any suspicious text the issue can be disregarded. 

  1. Click  Yellow Light Bulb to check out page.
  2. Click  Edit tab.
  3. Click  Edit button on the content area where the suspicious link text is located.
  4. Edit the link, replacing the text with more meaningful content. Focus on where the link leads.
  5. Save page.
  6. Click the Publish button to run the accessibility final check again. When the issue is resolved it will no longer display in the accessibility check.



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