Creating a New Meeting Type (Bookings with Me)


Instructions for creating new meetings using Bookings with Me.



How can I create a new meeting?


  • Microsoft Bookings with Me


  1. Log in here.
    Note: If you get an error such as Something went wrong or Please try the recommended action below try following these instructions to open in a private browser.
  2. Select the icon near the Public or Private section.
  3. Edit the Edit meeting type section.
    Note: Selecting a Public meeting type anyone can view. Selecting a Private meeting type will require you to share that specific meeting type with an individual.
  4. Edit your Schedule Customization section.
    1. If you choose Use my regular meetings hours, this will pull from your Outlook profile. If you'd like to change your specific meeting times, click the See regular meeting hours button.
    2. If you choose Use custom availability hours, this allows you to create your own availability.
    3. You may customize further by expanding the Advanced options button.
      • Buffer time before meeting: how much time before a meeting is scheduled will be blocked off. This will allow a break before the meeting.
      • Buffer time after meeting: how much time after this meeting is scheduled will be blocked off. This will allow a break after the meeting.
      • Limit start time to: this allows you to edit when you'd like the meetings to be scheduled based on increments. 
      • Minimum lead time:  this is how many hours you want in advance to prepare for an appointment.
      • Maximum lead time: how far in advance of the appointment day will you let people make appointments.
  5. Click Save to complete the meeting. You will now see this meeting type listed in your bookings page.



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