Adding an Attendance Date


Instructions for adding an attendance date in a Blackboard Ultra course.



How do I add attendance records to a Blackboard Ultra course for a date that has already passed? 


  • Blackboard Ultra


  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to the course in question. 
  2. Under the Details & Actions menu on the left, click Mark Attendance under the Attendance header. 
    Note: If you have not set up attendance in the course, you may be prompted to set values for attendance records; you may set these to your preference. 
  3. Hover over one of the vertical lines that separates the Attendance dates and you will see a + appear.
  4. Clicking on the + will give you an Attendance column that you are can edit in order to add the date.
  5. Once the new column appears, click on the date and a menu will appear that gives you the choice to Edit the Meeting. Click Edit the Meeting. 
  6. Make any changes that you would like. 
  7. Once the meeting date has been edited then you can mark the students that were present.



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