Adding and Removing Codes in SGASADD


Information on how to add and delete Cohort or Student Attribute codes in Banner SGASADD screen.



How do I add or delete a cohort or attribute code in the SGASADD screen?


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Never Add or Delete a Cohort or Attribute Code that is not within your department.
Term and Activity Codes are the year plus ending semester code (ex., Fall 2024 is 202430).
  • Winter Term Code = 05
  • Spring Term Code = 10
  • Summer Term Code = 20
  • Fall Term Code = 30
  1. Log into Banner.
  2. Type SGASTDN.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type student's WKU ID.
  5. Type Term Code.
  6. Click Go.
  7. Click From Term in Cohort Code or Student Attribute section.
    Note: Only Admissions and Orientation add Cohort Codes to a student's profile.
  8. Click Maintenance.
  9. Select Copy Student Attribute from Option List.
    Note: Selecting End Student Attribute will remove ALL cohort codes and should never be selected.  See below for information how to remove a single code you entered.
  10. Click OK on the warning alert; this changes From Term to the term you entered in step 5.
  11. Click Insert in Cohort Code or Student Attribute section.
  12. This gives a blank line  to enter Cohort Code or Student Attribute Validation code.
  13. Click ellipsis (. . .).
  14. Search for Cohort Code or Student Attribute validation code in pop up.
  15. Select desired code.
  16. Click OK.
  17. Click Save in lower right corner.

To remove Cohort Code or Student Attribute Code from a different term, follow all the steps above but instead of inserting code in step 11, select code you want to remove, and click Delete.




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