Unable to Delete Grade Center Column


Instructions on what to do when you are unable to delete a Grade Center Column in Blackboard.



Why is the option to delete a column not showing in Grade Center?


If the column was created because it is attached to a gradeable item (e.g., Assignment, SafeAssingment, Test) it cannot be deleted until the item it corresponds with is deleted.


  1. Hover over the column in question.
  2. Click the down arrow.
  3. Click Quick Column Information.
  4. If there is something in the Category: section (e.g., Exam, Assignment) then it is tied to a gradeable item and that gradeable item needs to be deleted. When that item is deleted it will prompt to delete the corresponding Grade Center column.
  5. If there is not a gradeable item attached to the column and you are still unable to delete the column please contact the ITS Service Desk.



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