Recently Modified Articles

Information on how to gain access to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software.
Information about how Windows updates are applied to WKU-owned and managed devices.
Information about self-granting admin privileges on Windows machines.
Instructions for installing applications using the Business app on a WKU-Owned Mac.
Information for instructors to ensure Blackboard course items can be accessed by students.
Instructions for Mac users needing to update the computer account password to stay in sync with their NetID account password.
Instructions for copying items with Course Copy.
Information regarding what to do if assignments are missing after using Course Copy.
Instructions for installing the Self Service app manually on WKU-owned macOS devices.
Instructions for creating (inserting) new rows or columns in an Excel spreadsheet.
Information about what to do when your computer is missing files and settings after being worked on by Toppertech.
Information on WKU IT support of outside software.
Instructions on how to login to TOPDollar ( ).
Instructions for resetting MFA on TopperMail or Google Workspace accounts.
Instructions for enabling Google Workspace 2-step verification.
Instructions on how to disable Quick Access on Google Drive.
Instructions for reporting a problem or issue with a Google Workspace for Education account.
Instructions for resetting a Google Workspace password through the WKU Accounts page.
Instructions for hiding / unhiding courses from a course list on Blackboard.
Instructions for faculty/staff to install Mathematica on a WKU-owned device.
Instructions for Faculty/Staff on how to access Mathematica on a WKU-owned device.
Instructions for WKU students to install Mathematica on a personal device.
Instructions for completing a Course Copy with Blackboard Ultra courses.
Instructions for clearing cache on Firefox.
Information about installing ArcGIS on WKU-owned Windows machines.