Accounts & Access Services

• Active Directory Access
• Shared/Personal Folder Requests
• Banner/TopNet Access

Categories (4)

Requests involving Active Directory (AD) accounts (e.g., adding/removing someone from a group).

Requests involving access and rights to Banner (e.g., advising tools, student worker accounts).

Requests involving WKU guest accounts (e.g., increasing account creation limit).

Requests involving the network shared drives (e.g, P: (personal), S: (shared), U: (secure)).

Services (2)

Confirm Student Worker Account Access

Do you need to confirm your department’s existing student worker accounts in order to keep them active?

Deactivate Student Worker Accounts

Do you have a student worker that is ending employment with your department and you would like their accounts (e.g., AD groups, email, Banner) deactivated?