Request a Managed Print Service Assessment

Why would I request this service?

Utilize this request if you need an assessment of your department for the Managed Print Service program.


Who can request this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff


What happens after I submit the request?

  1. You will receive an email confirming that you entered the request.
  2. A Ricoh representative will contact you to gather information related to your current environment and needs.
  3. A Ricoh analyst will contact you to schedule a time for an on-site assessment. The analyst will need an escort to ensure required access to all areas.
  4. The Ricoh analyst will work with the department or area and WKU Information Technology to make recommendations on what equipment is needed to meet the needs of the department. Ricoh considers multiple factors to ensure the satisfaction of all users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, they will also evaluate other needs such as speed, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, and paper handling capacity. Ricoh will also review the department's needs to print from special applications to ensuring the appropriate device is selected.
  5. Equipment is ordered, and once it arrives installed.
  6. Old equipment will need to be removed.  If the equipment is WKU-Owned, contact WKU Surplus for disposal.  All internal WKU procedures for equipment disposal must be followed and required forms completed by the department. Existing copiers or other multifunctional devices that are on lease or rental agreements need to be returned to the existing supplier at the end of the lease or rental period.
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