Request Publisher Integration

Why would I request this service?

Utilize this request if you would like to have a publisher integration added to Blackboard.

Policies and Guidelines:

  • Requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to when integration is to go live. This three-week lead time allows us to perform testing on our test tier of Blackboard and schedule any needed downtime if required. This lead time can be extended depending on the responsiveness of the publisher.
  • The requester must provide point of contact information for the publisher.
  • Information regarding any required ongoing support from WKU Blackboard Administrators must be included in the service request, e.g., if Bb admin must provide Course IDs to Publisher of any courses using the integration on an ongoing basis.
  • The integration must be an LTI 1.3 and meet the IMS Global LTI 1.3 / LTI Advantage certification standard.

Who can request this service?

  • Faculty in sponsoring department
  • Staff in sponsoring department

What happens after I submit the request?

You will receive an email confirming that you entered the request. WKU ITS will follow-up with you once they have more information for you.

Request Service


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Wed 4/24/19 9:14 AM
Tue 8/16/22 10:38 AM