Articles about the accounts of the WKU Adobe Connect Pro system.

Articles (20)

Accessing Meeting Recordings on Mobile Devices

Information about accessing Adobe Connect Pro meetings and recordings using the mobile app.

Accessing Mobile App

Instructions on how to access the Adobe Connect iOS app.

Connecting Screen Not Loading

Instructions on resolving issues with Adobe Connect meeting rooms not loading and getting stuck on a screen that says "Connecting...".

Finding Adobe Connect Pro Room Shortcuts

Instructions for finding Adobe Connect Pro room shortcuts.

Finding URL of a Meeting

Instructions for finding the URL of an Adobe Connect Pro meeting.

Gaining Access to Host Adobe Connect Meetings

Instructions on how to get rights to host meetings in Adobe Connect Pro.

Increasing Meeting Playback Speed

Information about increasing the playback speed of a meeting in Adobe Connect Pro.

Installing Adobe Connect

Information on ways to install the Adobe Connect application.

Keyboard Not Working

Instructions on how to resolve a keyboard not working inside an Adobe Connect pod.

Logging in to Adobe Connect

Instructions for logging in to Adobe Connect.

Making a Recording Public

Instructions on how to make an Adobe Connect recording public.

Meeting Access for Non-WKU Participants

Information about a meeting room that has been set to "available for anyone with the link".

Missing Meeting

Information on what to do if a meeting is missing from your Meeting List in Adobe Connect.

Moving your Recording to Enable Reporting

Instructions on how to move your Adobe Connect recording, so that you can get report information for the recording, such as number of views and whom viewed the recording.

Problem Accessing a Meeting

Instructions on how to troubleshoot issues accessing a meeting in Adobe Connect.

Receiving Not Authorized Error

Information about the "Not Authorized" error you can receive when trying to access an Adobe Connect recording.

Setting Favorite Rooms on Adobe Connect

Instructions for setting a favorite room in Adobe Connect.

Testing Microphone

Instructions on testing your microphone in Adobe Connect Pro.

Turning Off Microphone in Adobe Connect App (iOS)

Instructions for disabling the microphone in Adobe Connect Pro for iOS devices.

Turning Up Microphone Volume

Instructions for when the volume of your microphone is too low for others to hear you in the meeting.