IMAP Settings


What are the IMAP settings for Exchange?


Note: IMAP configuration limits the username to 20 characters. If a username is more than 20 characters long, just enter the first 20 characters.

As long as you are within the United States, and you have an internet connection, you can access your email account through a web browser, by visiting . If you have a dedicated mail client, such as Outlook, you can access your email with the following settings under the More Settings menu:

  • Email Address:
  • Server Connection Type:  IMAP
  • Username:  Your NetID (ex: abc12345)
  • Incoming Server:  (Encryption Type: SSL, Port: 993)
  • Outgoing Server:  (Encryption Type: TLS, Port: 587)
  • Under the Outgoing Server Tab check My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication.

Note: Most mail clients, such as Outlook, require a manual configuration of the account, so that you can edit the Advanced settings to specify port numbers and encryptions and outgoing server authentication.

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