Emailing Submitted Forms


Instructions for forms emailing submissions within Omni CMS.



How do I make a form I created on my page email me?


  • Omni CMS


You can create an email message to have the form submission results emailed to one or more recipients.This is useful for notifying people that a form has been submitted, instead of checking form submissions within Omni CMS.


  1. Login to Omni CMS.
  2. Hover over  Content.
  3. Click  Assets.
  4. Search for your form asset and click it.
  5. Check out the form.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Click Email Messages.
  8. Fill out the fields.
    • To: This field allows you to define a recipient for the email to be sent to. More than one recipient can be added by separating each address with a semicolon ( ; ).
    • From: This field allows you to define who the message is originally from. You have to fill this field in.
    • Subject: This field allows you to create a subject line for the email.
    • Body: This field allows you create a message for the email. This is where you should put all the information you want relayed to you after the form is submitted. Insert the value of a form submission into any of the fields by using the name of that element surrounded by double braces {{ }}. For example, you might want to send an email to the person who submitted the form with follow-up information. In the form, you would ask for their email address, and the element name would be email. Then in the email message, you would put {{email}} in the To field, and the email would send to whatever address a form submitter put as their email. Note: If this is left blank, an email will not be generated.
    • Body: Check for every question answer to be added to the Body text when the email is sent.
  9. Click Save.



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