Adding a New Snippet


Instructions on how to add any of the available Snippets to Omni CMS: accordions, alerts, cards, columns, countdowns, lists, maps, modals, social media, tabs, timeline, YouTube.



How do I add a Snippet?


  • Omni CMS


Snippets are inserted into the page using the WYSIWYG Editor and become a part of the page. They provide an easier and standardized way to insert design / content elements.

  1. Determine the style of snippet to be used. Available examples are featured on the Omni CMS example site. A View Snippet Table feature is available to demonstrate settings to achieve the example's snippet style.
  2. Click Edit for the region to insert snippet in. 
  3. Click Insert Snippet in the WYSIWYG tool bar. 
  4. Scroll or use Filter By Name to find the chosen style of snippet, select Style, and click Insert
  5. The chosen snippet will be in the Preview window.
  6. Depending on the type of Snippet inserted, change the table settings to match the View Snippet Table from the Funny Monkeys example site. For example, in some snippets all available styles are listed by default in the STYLE row, change: STYLE-1 | STYLE-2 | STYLE-3 | STYLE-4 | STYLE-5 to preferred style, “STYLE-4”.



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