Inserting Card Snippets


How do I insert a Card snippet?


  • Omni CMS


Additional information about the Card snippet can be seen here.

  1. Click Insert Predefined Snippet Content  on the Menu Bar.
  2. Search for cards and choose the Cards snippet.
    Note: Depending on the type of Snippet inserted, change the table settings to match the View Snippet Table from the Omni CMS example site. For example, in some snippets all available styles are listed by default in the STYLE row, change: STYLE-1 | STYLE-2 | STYLE-3 | STYLE-4 | STYLE-5 to preferred style, “STYLE-4”.
  3. Click Insert.
  4. To add an image to a card, insert the image into the Image column.
  5. Add a card title in the Title column.
  6. Add an optional subtitle to the Sub-Title column, if desired.
  7. Type content into the Content column.
  8. Save and publish the page.

 Note: To add additional cards, we recommend adding an additional Card snippet. Adding additional rows to one set of cards may cause overflow and display problems.


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