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Instructions on how to purchase a card swiper.
Information regarding WKU ID Card Swipers.
Instructions for the software for a Mini DX3 ID card reader.
Instructions for changing payment information for iTunes and App Store purchases on iOS devices.
Information on requesting modifications to user access for electronic access control doors.
Information about Authoirze.Net and having accounts created or requesting assistance for Authorize.Net problems.
Instructions on how to share card swipe data for an event.
Instructions for looking up EAC card numbers in the Atrium system.
Instructions for inserting card snippets in Omni CMS
Instructions for employees to access attendance reports for swipeable events.
Information on how to have a file on the S (Shared) drive that was replaced with a text file restored.
Instructions for when a credit card terminal will not print.
Instructions on how to get a card reader registered on the WKU network.
Instructions on how to log in to to access WKU ID card account services.