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Information about previewing OU Campus pages without having OU Campus access
Instructions on requesting a new website through OU Campus.
Information about getting OU Campus pages unlocked when they are checked out by someone else.
Information on creating a form that would allow a submission to include files, such as images, PDFs, Word Documents, etc.
Information on where to get assistance with designing your OU Campus website.
Information on adding a custom search box to a page or site.
Information about how to change the template on an OU Campus site.
Instructions for resolving this error message when trying to turn on a slider: "Problem during transformation:"
Instructions on how to set an OU Campus page to expire.
Instructions on determining what pages are linked to an asset (subscribers) in OU Campus.
Information on how to change the Main Site Contact of an OU Campus page.
Information about gaining access to Google Analytics for OU Campus.
Instructions for subscribing a News feed in OU Campus.
Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an OU Campus page.
Instructions on adding a feed from a WKU Wordpress Blog to a page.