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Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an OU Campus page.
Instructions on finding out who the Main Site Contact of an OU Campus website.
Instructions for enrolling into OU Campus training.
Information regarding OU Campus accounts that still need training.
Instructions for downloading form submissions to be viewed as a spreadsheet.
Instructions for creating a form on a WKU page through OU Campus.
Instructions for adding an asset (reusable content, galleries, & forms) to a page in OU Campus.
Instructions for creating a grid gallery asset in OU Campus.
Instructions for adding a slider (carousel image gallery) to the top of a page above the page's title and content in the new Site Template.
Information on why changes to a form asset are not saving when publishing the updated version.
Instructions for deleting a file from production but still housing it in OU Campus.
Information regarding why you cannot see Page Properties.
Instructions on navigating and completing the Blackboard OU Campus training.
Instructions on what to do when previewing or editing a form asset, some or all elements are missing from the Form Elements pane; some actions/buttons seem unresponsive.
Instructions for reverting to an older version of an asset.