Inserting Font Awesome into Omni CMS Pages


How do I insert Font Awesome into my Omni CMS page?


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Additional information about using Font Awesome in Omni CMS as well as a link to the available Font Awesome codes can be found here.
  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add the Font Awesome icon
  2. Place the cursor in the WYSIWYG editor where the icon will be added.
  3. Expand the Gadgets sidebar using the  Show Gadgets button.
  4. Click the  Icons - Font Awesome gadget to expand it. 
    Note: If you do not see the gadget, you may need to add it to the sidebar. See this article for instructions. 
    Note: This gadget is only visible when editing a page. 
  5. When the gadget has loaded, search for an icon by name or keyword
  6. Click the icon to add it to the page. 
  7. In the modal configure the color, size, and add a meaning for the icon. 
    Note: You may leave the Icon Meaning field blank if the icon is purely decorative and does not represent text. 
  8. Click the  Insert Icon button to add the icon to the page. 
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