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Instructions for requesting words to be added to the Omni CMS spell check dictionary.
Instructions for allowing students to use specific websites while taking an exam via Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Information about not being able to publish pages in Omni CMS.
Instructions for changing the Entry Point for a course when it has accidentally been set to an external link.
Instructions for creating a new page in Omni CMS.
Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an Omni CMS page.
Instructions for editing a Staff Directory page in OU Campus.
Information about checking the status of the creation of an Omni CMS site you have requested.
Instructions for adding an MP3 to a WKU site through Omni CMS.
Instructions on how to add any of the available Snippets to Omni CMS: accordions, alerts, cards, columns, countdowns, lists, maps, modals, social media, tabs, timeline, YouTube.
Directions to find broken links on pages in Omni CMS.
Instructions on requesting a website to be deleted through Omni CMS.
Instructions on how to check out and check in pages in Omni CMS.
Information about still not being able to access Omni CMS, or cannot access content in Omni CMS after completing training.
Instructions for disabling push notifications in browser.