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How do I remove a file from production but keep it in Omni CMS?


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This process should only be used to remove content from production on a small scale (i.e. one or two small areas of a website) rather than an entire website or directory. Using this method to remove an entire site from production can cause many problems. If you need to have a full website removed from production please see this article.

If you would like to remove a file from Production but keep it within Omni CMS please complete the following steps.  

  1. Log into Omni CMS.
  2. Hover over Content.
  3. Click  Pages.
  4. Find your site, you can use the filter option if necessary.
  5. Click on your site name from the Name column of the list.
  6. Verify you are in the Staging view by looking to the far left on the column header bar. You should see two options; the one underlined in red indicates the currently selected view. Click Staging if it is not already selected.
  7. Navigate to the file you wish to remove from production.
  8. Hover over the file you wish to remove and, from the Options column, hover over File and select  Recycle.
     Note: If this page / image is linked anywhere you should receive a notice. If it is linked somewhere other than from within your site, please find the Main Site Contact of that site and have them update their link.
  9. Once you have completed recycling the file, please follow the steps outlined in this article and make sure to NOT publish the file afterwards.
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