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Instructions for attaching content to Blackboard items when using the text editor.
Information on where to view uploaded files in Omni CMS.
Instructions for uploading files in Omni CMS.
Instructions for resolving permission error when uploading files and images to Omni CMS.
Instructions on deleting a file within Omni CMS.
Instructions for downloading form submissions to be viewed as a spreadsheet through Omni CMS.
Information about File Explorer freezing in Windows 10.
Instructions on how to disable Quick Access on Google Drive.
Instructions for mapping network drives on a Windows 10 computer.
Instructions for downloading submitted files on Blackboard.
Information what to do when MyStuff doesn't function properly.
Information on how to copy content from the Course Files menu in the "My Files" tab.
Instructions for sorting My Files within Blackboard.
Information regarding the My Files error: Application Blocked by Security Settings. Your security settings have blocked an application from running due to missing a "Permissions" manifest attribute in the main jar.
Instructions for fixing an issue where attachments in Blackboard don't display correctly in your web browser.