Sending Secure or Large Files


How can I send large / secure files?


  • WKU Faculty/Staff/Students


WKU ITS does not recommend sending any sensitive or overly large files via email, and provides a send files securely facility. Email is a very convenient way to send information over the internet, but it is not very secure. Servers that handle email don't always use encryption and can store data and attached files for a very long time with little oversight to the safety of their contents. By using the WKU Secure Share application, you ensure that the files are only stored until the recipient retrieves it. The application can also be used to send files that are too large for email to handle. The files are stored securely for 5 days until they are automatically purged and no longer accessible. 


Faculty / Staff can send multiple files up to 1 GB in size, total. Students can send multiple files up to 300 MB in size, total, using the WKU Secure Share tool. If you need to send more attachments than can fit in one message you will have to send multiple messages with fewer attachments per message. 
  1. Go here.
  2. Enter your NetID and Password.
    Note: You will have to approve your login via a multi-factor option. If you do not have a multi-factor application installed or configured on your smartphone you will be asked to complete that process at this time before being able to continue forward. 
  3. Browse for the file(s) you want to send by clicking the Add Files... button. 
    Note: The following filetypes are not allowed to be sent: exe, vbs, pif, scr, bat, cmd, com, cpl.
  4. Enter the address(s) you want to send to.
    Note: There can be multiple email address in the Send to: line. Separate the addresses with a comma followed by a space. All emails included will be visible to all recipients unless you select to email using the add bcc button.
  5. Enter Subject.
  6. Enter Message.
  7. Check the box to send a copy to yourself if you would like to receive a copy of the message. 
  8. Enter in the number of allowed download for the recipients to have. If you enter 1, the download link will expire after the first time that the file is accessed and will no longer be accessible. 
  9. Click Send


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