ITS Services & Resources

Articles about ITS services and resources offered by WKU ITS.

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Audiovisual & Conferencing Services

Articles about the AVS systems, Interactive Video Services classrooms, and conference rooms.

Classrooms & Labs

Articles about the WKU classroom technology, Academic Technology computer labs, and departmental computer labs.

Desktop Support

Articles about Desktop Support and its services ( ).

ITS Service Desk

Articles about the ITS Service Desk and its services ( ).

ITS Training

Articles about training courses and video tutorials offered by WKU ITS.

Library Systems Office

Articles about the WKU library systems, equipment, databases, forms, and so forth.


Articles about security systems, procedures, and safety.


Articles about TopperTech and its services ( ).

Unsupported Systems

Articles about unsupported systems by WKU ITS.

Video Surveillance

Articles about the WKU video surveillance system.

Projects & Events

Articles about ITS Services & Events.

Articles (2)

Dropping Off a Device to be Serviced

Information on where to drop off your device when it needs to be services by TopperTech.

JRH Lost and Found

Information on where lost items will be stored in Jody Richards Hall.