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Instructions for accessing generic / departmental email accounts after migration to Office 365.
Information about what to do when previewing a document in Blackboard in Safari.
Instructions for resolving an error where a Cisco phone can display a Detecting Network message when a Macintosh computer is connected to the switch port.
Instructions for correcting the following error from SDM on macOS: Error: Not connected to the Internet. Please connect and try again. TODO Provide proper texts.
Information on adding a printer directly connected to a computer.
Instructions for removing an Apple device from Find My iPhone.
Instructions for printing PDFs to an MPS printer using Google Chrome or Adobe Reader/Acrobat on a macOS computer.
Instructions on how to install Xerox printer drivers on macOS.
Information regarding supported browsers for Blackboard.
Information about and instructions for updating Mac operating systems.
Instructions for running and SEP scan in macOS.
Instructions for removing NetID credentials stored by macOS for departmental printer usage after the account password has been modified.
Instructions for mapping to the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) Active Directory drives on a Mac.
Instructions on clearing license and activation files stored in macOS system folders that may prohibit activation and use of Office for Mac apps.
Instructions for checking for Microsoft software updates on a Mac.