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Instructions for accessing the macOS recovery partition.
Information regarding the various boot options for Mac computers.
Information about the profile settings assigned to Faculty and Staff Macs.
Information that details what applications and settings are installed when setting up a WKU-owned machine for a client.
Instructions for sending a print job from your personal computer to a WKU Student Technology Center (STC) printer.
Instructions for adding a Ricoh MPS printer to Mac computers.
Information regarding supported browsers for Blackboard.
Information on adding a printer directly connected to a computer.
Information about socket filter prompts that appear on macOS after installing Cisco Secure Client VPN.
Instructions for installing Microsoft Office on a WKU-owned macOS device.
Information for Faculty/Staff/Students about installing Microsoft 365 on a personal computer.
Instructions for accessing shared mailbox accounts after migration to Microsoft 365.
Information regarding files synced through the OneDrive for macOS app that are giving a permissions error.
Information about opening a Microsoft Publisher (.pub) on macOS.
Instructions on clearing license and activation files stored in macOS system folders that may prohibit activation and use of Office for Mac apps.