Syncing Mac to Log In with New Password


After changing my NetID password, how do I sync my Macintosh to use my new password instead of the old one?


Sometimes Mac user accounts do not automatically sync with NetID password resets and require a manual sync.


Step 1: Determine If Computer Is Bound to Active Directory

  1. Click Apple.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click Users & Groups.
  4. If your account has Mobile listed under it, then your computer is bound to Active Directory. Proceed to Step 2A.
    Note: Other statuses, such as Admin or Standard, may be listed but do not impact if the computer is bound to Active Directory.
  5. If your account does not have Mobile listed under it, then your computer is not bound to Active Directory. Proceed to Step 2B.
  1. If on a wired connection at a WKU campus, your account information should update automatically but may require a reboot. If you then still need to use your old password, contact ITS.
  2. If you are off-campus, or are on a WKU wireless connection, connect to the VPN. This will let the computer receive your account's updated credentials.

Use Kerberos SSO Extension to Sync Account Password

  1. Look in the top right corner of your screen, near the date and time.
  2. Locate and click the key icon.
  3. Select Sign In.
  4. A window will appear. Enter your NetID and password.
  5. Click Options and ensure Sign in automatically is selected.
    Note: This does not sign you into the computer automatically but logs you into Active Directory automatically when on WKU's network.
  6. Click Sign In.
  7. The window will then prompt for your new NetID password as well as your computer account's password (i.e., your old password).
  8. Click Verify.
  9. You will then receive confirmation that your old password has been replaced with your current NetID password.
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