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Instructions on logging into CourseLeaf
Instructions for resetting your NetID password.
Information on what type of accounts get issued to SKY KCTCS students living on WKU's campus.
Instructions for locating your NetID.
Instructions for logging into Cisco Jabber.
Information about obtaining your WKU account passwords.
Instructions for logging into WKU email.
Information on how to log into the iWKU app with or with a NetID and password.
Instructions for Mac users needing to update the computer account password to stay in sync with their NetID account password.
Information for NetIDs showing up as names in Zoom meetings.
Information about the lifespan of a WKU NetID.
Information on when you will be able to login Blackboard.
Instructions for logging into a WKU lab computer.
Information about changing your NetID.
Information about the "No log-on servers available" error you can get when trying to log in to a WKU-owned computer.