Articles (100)

Adding Shortcuts to the Dock

Instructions for making applications stay in the dock on macOS computers.

Adjusting Display Brightness

Instructions on how to adjust the screen brightness for a macOS computer.

Adjusting Mac Power Settings

Instructions for adjusting the power settings on a Mac.

Administrator Account Needed for Installing Software (macOS)

Instructions for granting admin privileges to macOS user accounts.

Allowing Full Disk Access for macOS Applications

Instructions for allowing application to have Full Disk Access in macOS.

Application Displaying Full-screen

Information about applications displaying in full-screen.

Apps and Settings Installed During Initial Setup

Information that details what applications and settings are installed when setting up a WKU-owned machine for a client.

Automatically Hiding the Icon Dock

This article details the steps needed to auto-hide or show the Dock built into macOS.

Booting into Safe Mode

Instructions for booting a Mac into Safe Mode.

Booting Slowly

Instructions for what to do when a Mac boots slowly.

Booting to Recovery

Instructions for accessing the macOS recovery partition.

Changing Computer Name

Instructions for changing the name of a macOS computer.

Changing Date and Time

Instructions for changing the date and time in macOS.

Changing Default File Type Associations

Instructions for changing the default file type associations in macOS.

Changing Default Mail App

Instructions on changing the default mail app on a Mac.

Changing Desktop Wallpaper

Instruction for removing the WKU branded wallpaper and setting a personalized background on Macs.

Changing Screen Saver Start Time

Instructions for changing the amount of time that it takes for the screen saver to display on a macOS computer.

Changing Scroll Direction

Instructions on reversing the scroll direction on macOS.

Changing the Language macOS Uses

Instructions for adding a language to the macOS.

Changing Views in Finder

Instructions on changing your view in Finder on macOS.

Checking If Mac Computer Has DHCP Enabled

Instructions for checking that a macOS computer is using DHCP.

Clearing Hard Drive Space

Instructions for freeing up hard drive space on your Mac computer.

Compatible Monitors, Adapters, and Cables for Thunderbolt 3 Macs

Information about what kind of adapters and cables are necessary for secondary monitors to connect with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) Macs.

Computer Freezing When Waking or Unlocking

Information about macOS Mojave freezing when waking or trying to unlock to approve system changes.

Configuring Time Machine

Instructions for setting up Time Machine on a Mac computer.

Copying and Pasting

Information on copying and pasting text and files in macOS.

Creating a Zipped Folder

Instructions on compressing files into a zipped folder/archive.

Cursor Disappearing Issue

Instructions for showing a missing cursor on macOS.

Customizing Finder Window Size for Specific Folders

Instructions for creating a shortcut to a folder on macOS to make it display with a customized window size.

Disabling VoiceOver

Instructions for disabling VoiceOver after a macOS computer starts speaking actions.

Disconnecting an Apple TV Remote from macOS

Instructions for disconnecting an Apple TV remote from a Mac computer.

Disk Not Available for Time Machine Backups

Information about Time Machine Disks not being available for backups.

Displaying Disk Usage and Availability

Instructions on how to see how much space is in use on your Mac.

Displaying on an External Monitor

Instructions on how to display onto an external monitor from a Macbook.

Dock Appearing on the Wrong Screen

Information about the macOS Dock appearing on the wrong screen.

Dock Icons Not Appearing

Information about Dock icons not appearing on macOS.

Dock Keeps Crashing

Instructions for restoring the default dock in macOS when an error message consistently appears stating the dock has crashed.

Enabling or Disbaling Password on Sleep or Screensaver

Instructions for enabling or disabling password authentication when waking up a Mac from sleep or screensaver.

Enabling Wireless

Instructions for enabling wireless on macOS computers.

Encountering the Navlibx Error

Instructions for resolving the navlibx error on macOS.

Encrypting and Decrypting with FileVault

Instructions for encrypting your Mac's hard drive using FileVault.

Error Enrolling Mac into Mosyle

Instructions for installing the Self Service app manually on WKU-owned macOS devices.

Experiencing Issues with Keychain Access

Instructions for what to do when Keychain Access consistently freezes/crashes, or if apps persistently prompt to access the keychain.

Fan Constantly Running at Full Speed

Instructions for resetting the SMC on Macs when the fan runs constantly.

Finder Freezing When Editing Files on Network Drives

Information for macOS computers that have issues with files stored on network drives and instructions for remediating the problem.

Finding All Video Files

Instructions for finding all video files on your Mac computer.

Finding Downloads

Instructions for finding a downloaded file on a Mac computer.

Finding Installed Applications

Instructions for finding installed applications on a macOS machine.

Finding MAC Addresses of a Macintosh Computer

Instructions for finding the MAC address on Macintosh computers.

Force Quitting an Application

Instructions on how to force quit an unresponsive application on a Mac.

Freezing Loading Bar Upon Booting

Instructions on what to do when a Mac running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) has a frozen progress bar when first booted up.

Installing Apps Not From the App Store

Information on how to install programs downloaded from websites.

Installing MacKeeper

Information about the malicious software, MacKeeper.

Installing Software that Uses System Extensions

Information about macOS system/kernel extensions and how to install software that relies on them.

Installing Software with the Self-Service App

Instructions for installing applications using the Business app on a WKU-Owned Mac.

Loading Apps at Startup (macOS)

Instructions for automatically loading apps on macOS startup.

Maximizing Windows

Instructions on maximizing windows without going full screen in macOS.

Missing File Extension

Instructions for adding a file extension to files on a macOS computer.

Missing Scroll Bars

Instructions for making display scroll bars always appear on macOS computers.

Modifying Sharing Preferences

Instructions for turning off the sharing preference on Mac computers.

No Internet Access After Computer Sleeps (macOS)

Instructions for resetting network settings on a Mac for when a connection drops when the computer goes to sleep.

OneDrive Cannot Access Keychain

Information regarding the error message stating there was a problem accessing your keychain when launching the OneDrive application for macOS.

Opening a .MSG File on macOS

Instructions for opening an MSG file on macOS.

Opening a Zip File

Instructions for opening a Zip file on a Mac.

Playing ASX Files

Instructions for playing ASX files on a Mac.

Playing Unsupported Video Formats

Instructions on playing video formats unsupported natively in OS X.

Printing Double-Sided

Instructions for printing double-sided from a Mac.

Prioritizing Network Connections Based on Physical Location

Instruction for changing how Macs prioritize network connections based upon a user's preference.

Prompting to Restart

Instructions to restart the computer once being prompted on macOS.

Prompting to Update

Instructions to update computer after being prompted on macOS.

Relaunching Finder

Instructions for relaunching macOS's Finder in event of an unresponsive computer.

Removing App Installers

Information about macOS app installers and removing them from the desktop.

Removing Printer Drivers

Instructions for removing printer drivers installed on a Mac.

Resetting Fonts in MacOS

Instructions for resetting fonts in MacOS.

Resetting Keychain Password

Instructions to reset the default Keychain Access password.

Resetting NVRAM

Instructions on resetting your NVRAM on a Mac.

Resetting SMC

Instructions for resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) on Mac computers.

Restricting Logins to AD Group

Information about limiting logins on macOS computers to specific Active Directory groups.

Saving to PDF

Instructions on how to save anything as a PDF on macOS.

Scanning Documents on macOS

Instructions for capturing a scan via Image Capture on a Mac.

Searching For a File on macOS

Instructions for searching for a file on a Macintosh computer.

Selection Boxes Not Showing Up in Chrome

Instructions for updating Google Chrome with macOS Mojave when selection boxes can no longer be seen.

Setting Default Browser (macOS)

Instructions for changing default browser in System Preferences on macOS devices.

Setting Service Order of Network Connections

Instructions for setting the service order of network connections on macOS.

Settings Managed by WKU ITS

Information about the profile settings assigned to Faculty and Staff Macs.

Sharing Files Between User Accounts

Information on how to share files between users of the same Mac computer.

Showing On-Screen Keyboard

Instructions on how to turn on the on-screen keyboard in macOS.

Startup Key Combinations

Information regarding the various boot options for Mac computers.

Stopping Compressed Files from Automatically Unzipping

Instructions on how to stop downloaded zip and other compressed files from automatically extracting.

Supported Operating Systems (macOS)

Information about what versions of macOS are supported by WKU ITS.

Syncing Mac to Log In with New Password

Instructions for Mac users needing to update the computer account password to stay in sync with their NetID account password.

Transferring Apple Store Purchases

Information about transferring Apple Store purchases from one user to another.

Unable to Open .PDF Files Due to Permissions Issue

Instructions on how to resolve a permissions issue when opening .PDFs on a Mac.

Uninstalling a Program

Instructions on how to uninstall a program in macOS.

Unlocking a Mac with a System Lock PIN

Information on why a PIN lock screen may appear on a Mac, instead of the normal login screen.

Update(s) Failing Automatic Installation

Instructions on how to manually install macOS updates that fail automatic installation.

Updating Keychain Password

Instructions on how to update your NetID password in Keychain.

Upgrading macOS

Information about and instructions for updating Mac operating systems.

Using AirDrop

Instructions for sending files from a Mac to another Apple device.

Using Target Display Mode

Instructions for connecting an iMac as a secondary monitor for another Mac computer.